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Building Communities through movement, ETD Outreach is a division of Eryc Taylor Dance that works to create positive social change by using dance as a tool to inspire and heal vulnerable populations.

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Movement Expressions

Participants focus on movement, breathing, and meditation techniques to help increase mobility, reduce stress, and gain healthy emotional & physical coping mechanisms.


The music will get feet tapping and our internationally renowned Dancehall instructors will get everyone moving and grooving! No previous dance experience necessary!

Strength & Conditioning

A fitness-centric workshop that helps participants learn the correct form for basic exercises & stretches to increase strength, mobility, flexibility, and physical health.

Pilates & Yoga

Strength & Conditioning seem intimidating? We offer Certified Pilates Mat Instructors as well as Registered Yoga Teachers for less mobile populations.

Samba / Salsa

A partner-oriented workshop, learning to Samba or Salsa helps participants get up and move as well as form relationships with others. Practicing outside of class is always encouraged!

Any Population

Every single workshop can be modified to suit the needs of the participants. Whether it be physical disabilities, mental illness, or developmental challenges, dance will bring benefit.

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The Acacia Network

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Lantern Community Services


Supportive Housing

A sedentary lifestyle will only exacerbate physical disabilities as well as emotional struggle. Create something your residents will look forward to.

Clinic / Hospital

Long-term stays at the hospital often result in doubt and distrust with one’s body. Patients feel in control of their body instead of trapped by their condition.

School / Camp

It’s now harder than ever to bring dance to children at school. We provide affordable workshops, both as daytime presentations as well as on-going after-school programs.


Our Registered Dance Movement Therapists (R-DMT) create workshops for those that struggle with physical disabilities, mental illness, and developmental challenges.

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