ETD has been hard at work collaborating with Nonprofit Megaphone since April 2020 to help our organization maximize our Google Grant in order to help promote our website programming and navigate the unfamiliar terrain of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We caught up with CEO Grant Hensel to answer some of our questions and spotlight their company.

“Continue to invest in adding new content to your website on topics that your audience is searching for. Be sure to conduct keyword research!”…..Grant Hensel, CEO, Nonprofit Megaphone.

What is Nonprofit Megaphone’s primary mission? 

Our primary mission is equipping nonprofits to thrive. Our sole focus is on being the best Google Grants agency globally and helping 501(c)(3) ‘s take advantage of this remarkable program. We have allowed hundreds of nonprofit leaders to answer the question “Who should manage my Google Grant?” with confidence.

What are the most significant challenges you see your clients facing in terms of SEO and website engagement?

Most nonprofits have incredible information and perspective to share with the world, but not all of that insight is always available on the organization’s website. Taking the time to continually add more content to your website that answers your audience’s questions is one of the most powerful success drivers with SEO and the Google Ad Grant.

What shifts has NPM made in response to the Coronavirus and the overall climate of 2020, and what changes do you see your clients making?

We have been thrilled to work with dozens of clients transitioning their offerings and services from in-person to online. This provides an inspiring opportunity to leverage digital marketing and the Google Grant to introduce the organization to an even larger audience. Many nonprofits that had previously only been able to market themselves locally can now advertise nationally since they have more offerings online, leading to significant growth.

What are your impressions of Eryc Taylor Dance, and how does it feel to work with organizations such as ours?

It is such a joy to work with passionate, creative, dedicated organizations like Eryc Taylor Dance! The team at ETD has been fantastic to collaborate with and is continuously looking to learn and grow. They have shown incredible resilience throughout the pandemic, and they’ll emerge from 2020 more robust than ever.

What are three must-do tips/advice for a nonprofit for organizations like ETD to up their online presence?

  1. Make sure you are taking advantage of special programs for nonprofits like the Google Ad Grant.

  2. Add more calls to action to your website, including for “lower barrier to entry” activities like signing a petition, watching a video, downloading information, and so forth.

  3. Continue to invest in adding new content to your website on topics that your audience is searching for. Be sure to conduct keyword research!

Anything else you’d like to add? 

We love ETD!


We definitely recommend checking out Nonprofit Megaphone and their awesome team, and all of the services they offer`. We worked closely with Desiree LeRoy, our Client Happiness Manager. Here is a little about her:

Desiree LeRoy, Client Happiness Manager

Where I’m from: I’m from Austin, TX, and I currently live in Colorado.

Things I enjoy: I love running, yoga, birding, dancing, coffee, sunrises, writing poetry, and reading. I am happiest when I am spending time with my boyfriend and our cat child, Boo Kitty Bob.

Something interesting about me: I was a high school special education teacher for 7 years and a mindful movement instructor for 9 years. I performed as an interactive circus artist for 8 years, and during my fearless years, I dabbled in the world of competitive pole dance.

Why I love working with NPM: My heart is with nonprofits and their incredible work, and I feel grateful to support their missions, goals, and growth, with a seriously incredible team!

Nonprofits I support: Special Olympics Texas, Special Books by Special Kids, National Domestic Violence Hotline, Central Texas Pig Rescue, Austin Pets Alive!

And some fun facts about Grant!

Grant Hensel, CEO, Nonprofit Megaphone

Where I’m from: Chicago, Illinois.

Things I enjoy: Reading, krav maga, sports of all types.

Something interesting about me: I once wrote letters to all of the Fortune 500 CEOs asking for book recommendations…and 150 of them wrote back!

Why I love working with NPM: I get to work with very talented people to help organizations doing incredible work tell their stories online. What more could you want?

Nonprofits I support: Preemptive Love Coalition, Wheaton College, National School Project.



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