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Building Communities through movement, ETD Outreach is a division of Eryc Taylor Dance that works to create positive social change by using dance as a tool to inspire and heal. Our unique initiative partners with supportive housing sites, hospitals, and community centers throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and beyond to curate movement workshops for vulnerable populations.


Eryc Taylor is the Founder and Artistic Director of Eryc Taylor Dance (2006) and ETD Outreach (2012). ETD Outreach is a curated community outreach program that works to better society through the healing powers of dance.  Currently, ETD Outreach has weekly residencies with Hour Children, The Acacia Network, Odyssey House, PGCMH (Post Graduate Center for Mental Health), Lantern, and NYU Langone. Eryc also gives out three annual New Choreography Grants (ETD/NCG). The ETD/NCG began in 2012 and has since given grants to twelve aspiring NYC-based choreographers.


NYU Langone

She expressed that although she sometimes did not “feel like coming”, she looked forward to it because it was the only time she exercised, was creative, and got to dance. We created a dance routine through sharing leadership roles, did some barre work to strengthen muscles, as well as yoga and breathing. She told stories about her life and experience the whole time as we moved. Because it was just the two of us we were able to bond in a unique way— She hugged me when she left the room after each session. She continuously asked me if the group would be continuing.

Jennifer Giuglianotti

Supportive Housing Network of New York

Eryc Taylor’s presentation at our first-ever offering of the workshop Reboot: Body-Centered Movement Practices to Reduce Stress/Enhance Well-Being, at our 2016 supportive housing conference was a revelation. Eryc’s eloquent comments about the accessibility and pleasure of dance for all types of bodies were the perfect way of warming up our audience for the hands-on demonstration, led by Eryc and his talented colleague Geneva Jenkins.

Our group of nearly 200 conference attendees, tired at the end of a long day, were up on their feet, laughing, doing partner exercises, and connecting with each other.

Eryc also gave an excellent overview of how dance and other movement practices can contribute to positive socialization for individuals recovering from trauma, promote staff/client bonding, and counter some of the negative side effects of certain medications. Eryc offered insights into how supportive housing provider Post Graduate Center for Mental Health adopted and expanded their collaboration with Eryc Taylor Dance.

Sarah Schenck

I’ve been able to express anger and hurt through dance...

Emily, Acacia Resident

It’s an honor and a pleasure to have an opportunity to do what I love - which is dance.

Sylvia, PCMH Resident

When I first started the workshops I was in a lot of pain...and now I don’t have that. I actually feel great!

Howard, Lantern Resident

Before I started taking these workshops I was feeling sad and depressed and now my spirit and my soul start to feel marvelous.

Olivia, PCMH Resident

Ziiomi Law


Rebecca Brown

Belly Dancing

Liethis Hechavarria

Afro / Caribbean

Johari Mayfield

Hip-Hip / Strength & Conditioning

Jeo Flemming


Isabel Estrada-Jamison

Latin Dance / Afro-Cuban / Yoga

Jessica “Phoenix” Brundidge

Dancehall / Hip-Hop / Strength & Conditioning

Chris Bell

Musical Theater / Modern / Jazz

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