Dear Friends and Family,

At the very core of our values as a company, Eryc Taylor Dance (ETD) has always been about giving back. Our ETD Outreach Program serves the most vulnerable communities in NYC; The New Choreographer Grant program offers opportunities to budding talent early in their careers. Our ambitious EARTH project in 2019 gave multiple creators a forum to share inspiration and information on how to heal our fragile planet from the havoc human beings have placed on it.

As COVID-19 continues to spread, the future has never felt so unpredictable. These are challenging times for us all, and we hope you’re in good spirits and health! Right now, we’re doing everything possible to sustain daily operations and provide services to our community. Now, more than ever, our community needs us. And we need you.

If you’re able, we kindly ask for your assistance and generosity by making a secure, tax-deductible donation to ETD today. This donation will help ensure that both right now and when this worldwide catastrophe has finally subsided, we can continue the excellent and meaningful work that we’ve spent years building.

For tax year 2020, the new CARES Act includes a tax change for taxpayers who do not itemize their deductions (i.e., take the standard deduction) by allowing up to $300 in charitable contributions to be deducted from Adjusted Gross Income on their 2020 tax returns.

If you’re unable to donate at this time, there are many other ways you can support us! Set your Amazon Smile preference to ETD and donate every time you check out (more details below). You can also advocate for us by sharing our mission with a family member or friend. Even a quick mention on your social media would mean the world to us.

In times like this, it shows us how interconnected we all are. Thank you for being part of our community. Without you, none of it is possible.

Stay safe and well,
Eryc Taylor & Team


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